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My Personal Testimony

I was saved when I was 9 at a Pentecostal Church in Kansas City, Kansas. My parents, family and friends did not understand what that meant, and I was sometimes made fun of for praying and reading my Bible. I was not encouraged in my faith so I didn’t go to church very often and I soon was no different than my unsaved friends, with one exception; doing wrong hurt my conscience; I prayed every night and anytime I faced a challenge, such as playing my position in football. When I graduated HS, I went to Ottawa University on a football scholarship. My plan was to take a course called Preminestry, and to go to seminary. Once again I got discourage because school was too expensive. I quit and went to work. I began to drink and carouse. And again I was like the men I worked with, except my conscience bothered me when I sinned (I later discovered that what I thought was conscience was really the Holy Spirit. My life changing experience was finding Sierra. She was a dedicated Christian and we began to go to church together.  After we were married we ministered in several churches. God has blessed our union with two children; Mary and Michael and six grandchildren.  I Love Jesus and I love His book. I now have many physical problems, but He is sufficient and keeps me working for Him. I pray that I may always do His will and love Him more and more. I am a living testimony that “Jesus is a great Savior of great sinners.” I have omitted a great deal, but I don’t want this website to be about me. This is just a thumbnail sketch of my Testimony. God bless you!!

My name is Tom Lowe and I am 71 years old. My wife and I are retired and live in South Carolina. We moved here in 2001 to be close to our grandchildren.

I have been writing Bible commentaries for 20 years and I have done some preaching in the past. Writing Bible Commentaries is my passion and the object of my life. I hope you find these sermons/devotions useful in your ministry, and that you will checkout our commentaries:

http://harmonyofthegospels.yolasite.com (gospels-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)http://theepistlesofpaul.yolasite.com (Titus, Jude, and 1st Corinthians) 

http://paulsepistletotheromans.yolasite.com (Romans)


http://studygodsword.webs.com/ (The Acts of the Apostles)

http://studygodsword.webs.com/ (Genesis)

http://teachingsermonsforpastorsandlaymen.yolasite.com (Sermons and DevotionsI hope you will find these commentaries helpful in your Bible Study and ministry.

I recommend you always pray for the Holy Spirit to bless your Bible study before you begin.

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